We are G3D Models, we deliver the most prestigious Architectural Models in the UAE using the latest in 3D printing and manufacturing technology. G3D Models have long been the go to service provider for any project that needs to deliver a real wow factor!

Born out of the fast paced and demanding world of Formula One, we understand the need for delivering great quality projects, on time at a fair price. The founders of Generation 3D were the founders of leading 3D printing operations for 3 top F1 teams in the UK. We now use that cutting edge design and engineering background to deliver large scale model making and interactive design services.

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We are now delivering these F1 standards to architectural models, engineering, and creative projects across the Middle East from our HQ in Dubai. Our world class team of model makers in Dubai and state of the art facility mean we control 100% of the process. From the first sketch through to 3D Modelling and finished model, we have you covered!

G3D Models is set up to be the worlds best model makers and interactive design studio. We have hand selected our team of engineers, craftsmen and designers from around the world to create the perfect team here in Dubai.

New manufacturing technology is allowing us to create 3D models like never before. 3D Printing is removing design constraints and new digital innovation is opening new doors for our installations. Our technology facilities will continue pushing our architectural models and digital deliveries in Dubai year after year.

To see how we can help with your models or designs get in touch today!

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