Architectural Model Dubai

G3D have long been established as Dubai’s premier Architectural model making company. Physical 3D models have been the backbone of what we do for many years now. G3D have been the go to company for Dubai’s most challenging and prestigious projects.

Architectural models in Dubai have long had a place in the regions development. World class 3D models and Dubai have become synonymous with each other and for good reason. Architecture models play a huge part in the selling and vision of pre-construction projects as well as overall master plans and future urban planning. As far back as 2012 G3D models created the first ever fully 3D printed architectural model of Dubai.

Moving forward Dubai has a huge rebuild on our hands. Like the rest of the world, the global health crisis has impacted many of the future plans for Dubai. Most notably Expo 2020, the world’s largest event, has been cancelled and postponed until October 2021. Expo 2020 was to be a global showcase for Dubai (and the model makers!), demonstrating the countries progress and future plans.

We believe, for model makers it was also going to be a huge showcase however our chance will come! We know model makers in Dubai will have a huge part to play in the rebirth of Dubai and showing the world just how ambitious our city can be. Often for people seeing is believing and as 3d model makers that’s exactly what we specialize in! Taking our clients huge visionary ideas into real life 3D models for people to see touch and interact with.

Scope for model makers in Dubai we believe is also going to change in the coming months and years. Digital plays and digital interactions have been a large part of architectural models for many years now and the global crisis we find ourselves in will only speed up this need for more digital elements to be added to our models. Recently we have produced models with kinetic sculptures, AR/VR integration as well as online and remote viewing/interaction. We look forward to what is to come and along with Dubai, the architectural model makers are here to stay and play our part in the rebuild!

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