Model Makers UAE

Creating detailed and accurate architectural scale models has become possible with the advent and application of the 3D printing technology in the architectural modeling realm. Generation 3D is proud to have been the first company in Dubai, UAE to apply this technology to 3D modeling and has been pushing boundaries to create impeccable architectural models of various kinds. Being one of the most trusted model makers in UAE, Generation 3D strives to convey the clients’ ideas in the most realistic way possible.

At Generation 3D, we create various types of 3D architectural models, including conceptual models, site models, detail models, urban planning models, sustainable design models, interior models, and more. Be it large-scale models, small-scale models or custom installations we ensure that our 3D models not only enhance clients' understanding comprehensively but also offer a realistic representation of the original structure.

Generation 3D are leading Model Makers Dubai

Being dedicated architectural model makers Dubai in today's day and age comes with several advantages and opportunities, thanks to advancements in technology and changes in the field of architecture. Generation 3D is proud to be a pioneer in this field and make use of the advantages of the additive manufacturing technology.

Architects and model makers who have worked with us have benefited greatly from the use of powerful digital design tools that facilitate the creation of intricate and complex 3D models, making the overall design process more dynamic and innovative. The use of 3D printing enables rapid prototyping, allowing for quick iterations and modifications to designs. This is particularly beneficial when responding to client feedback or when he/she wants to make certain design refinements. Since 3D printing is often faster and more efficient than the traditional model making methods, we have been able to have quicker turnaround times, enabling clients to receive models promptly. The cost-effectiveness of 3D printing allows clients to explore multiple design options without incurring significant expenses. In addition to all these benefits and more, we, as a model maker in Dubai ensure to produce minimal material waste, and this aligns with our sustainability goals and environmentally conscious practices.

Our 3D models not only help architects, but they also help urban planners with cityscape models that help them significantly in urban planning and design. One such project we are very proud of is the architectural model we presented at the Cityscape Dubai Exhibition. The precise and intricate details captured in the model greatly helped to accurately represent the architecture and layout of the city.

As 3D model makers in Dubai, we aim to give our clients the best experience in terms of the desired result on the architectural model, turnaround time, cost-effectiveness and more. We constantly strive to become one of the best architectural model making companies not only in UAE, but the whole of the Middle East.