Model Making UAE

Model making using 3D printing, in the UAE, has quickly risen to become one of the most innovative and futuristic ways of construction and designs. This groundbreaking approach not only redefines the possibilities for architects but also positions the country at the forefront of global architectural innovation, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the field.

The rise of 3D model making in the UAE is transforming various sectors, spanning from manufacturing & prototyping and architecture & construction to automotive & fashion. For a decade, Generation 3D has actively contributed to this paradigm shift, making great advancements that shape the trajectory of the future.

Generation 3D has been leading the way in this transformative journey since 2015. As the pioneering model-making company in Dubai to embrace 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology for architectural modeling, we have consistently pushed our limits to serve architects, urban planners, designers, and more.

Our dedicated team of 30 skilled professionals, including designers, engineers, project managers, and craftsmen, is committed to bringing your visions to life. Whether it's small-scale or large-scale architectural models, our team ensures unmatched quality. Housed in our cutting-edge facility spanning 10,000 square feet, we have the capacity to deliver a diverse range of architectural models, from bespoke designs to extensive projects, all executed with precision, quality, and efficiency.

Mastering the art of model making in Dubai

Generation 3D is committed to elevate our clients’ vision with diverse 3D models. From large-scale and small-scale models to custom installations, our aim is to create 3D models that not only provides the clients with a visualization of the final product but also offers a tangible understanding of the same.

Some of our notable works in the UAE include the Damac:Golf Greens model, Emaar: Creek Waters Tower models, Emaar: The Oasis model, Meraas: Bluewaters Bay model, Amazon: Electric Trucks model and many more.

We leverage the 3D CAD software and build a variety of architectural models. Our expertise extends to crafting Masterplan models with a remarkable accuracy of 3D CAD data, achieving up to 50% faster results than conventional methods. We pride in our model making in Dubai, ensuring accuracy down to 0.1mm from CAD and 3D details. Our team also excels in constructing boat and marine models by creating intricate and precise models. Beyond serving architects in the UAE we also do model making for urban planners with detailed cityscape models for effective urban planning and design. A testament to our capabilities is the architectural model showcased at the Cityscape Dubai Exhibition, where the precise and intricate details captured showcased an accurate representation of the city's architecture and layout.

As the first model making company in UAE, Generation 3D strives to deliver excellent results for our clients that aid in transforming design prototypes into tangible reality as accurately as possible. This also helps in our recognition as one of the leading model making companies in Dubai, UAE.